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If a person already using some kind of medicine having Nitrate then he should not use Levita because this can lead to a incurably low blood pressure, abdominal or back pain, eye pain, photosensitivity are some side effects considered as common and problems like tissue damage or cardiac problem or chest pain etc. are considered as serious problems and one should stop using the Levitra at once and consult with the doctor for the same.

Some time back there was very few cases of erectile dysfunction ED and it was unthinkable subject and it used to be discussed very hardly. But as the time has passed away and one out of ten people facing the problem of Impotency have started discussing and contacting in this regard. And they have started demanding the solution for this problem i.e. ED.

And due to this high demand research has been done and found a solution for this problem. Thus at present solution is available to overcome this disorder and sexual problem. Prompt treatment should be taken for impotency as taken in case other disease to get rid off from this problem. As this treatment like Levitra is very much effective if it is taken on initial stage and for permanent cure. Generally it is noticed that the man who is having problem of ED or the couples habitually feel embarrassed to discuss or disclose this problem. And due to this reason it becomes tough to get the positive result after the treatment. Erectile Dysfunction is having organ root and needs instant medical consideration.

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