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In case you are not able to attain an erection or not achieving proper erection or facing partial erection during intercourse then this may be symptom of erectile dysfunction or impotency. In this case you need to discuss all the problems with the doctors to confirm about the actual problem and its solution. There are so many solutions available in market for erectile dysfunction but out of those Levitra is considered as the best and very much effective pill. Levitra works very well to treat the crisis of impotency.

This medicine is a inhibitor of PDE-5 or phosphodiesterase 5 by reducing the activity of PDE5 enzymes it starts circulating the blood to the penis and as a result penis starts getting erected & harder. For quick results it is always necessary to have some kinds of stimulation along with the usage of Levitra. This pill starts working within 16 minutes and remains effective for next 5 to 6 hours.

Levitra Effects

The person who is using Levitra for very first time also finds best & effective results. It gives confidence to the man to have successful sex with complete satisfaction. It has been proved that condition of those men who are using this drug has improved a lot with complete erection during intercourse to satisfy themselves and their partners. Levitra is also effective in that case when a person is facing other health related issues like diabete and it has been clinically approved.

To make this pill as more effective it is suggested to have some kinds of foreplay or stimulation to enjoy the sex for longer duration. Avoid the usage of alcohol as this may affect the performance. In case the erection remains for more than 5 hours then immediately consult with the doctor for medical help. Only one tablet should be taken in a day. Always try to follow the instruction given by the doctor for best results.

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