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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - When a man is not in a position to get an erection and hardness in penis which is required to have sex, then it is known as ED. There is no such age fixed to face this problem it can be happened at any age level. But it is easily noticed for men who have crossed the age of 40.

ED has psychological and emotional reactions which can badly influence the sexual life of a man. Because of this major problem that affected person becomes tensed, stressed and full of depression. Because of this problem the man becomes incapable to get erection which is compulsory during intercourse.

There were lots of researches were made by different pharmaceutical companies to find a solution for this problem. And finally in 1998 they got a solution for this problem named Viagra. And afterword two more solutions were found for Erectile Dysfunction i.e. Levitra and Cialis, which are very much in tough competition with Viagra.

Because of Levitra, the sexual life of men suffering from Impotency had changed. This medicine is approved by FDA and had been tried on lots of men to find the result. And the result was positive and it had been noticed that because of Levitra not only ED but Prostrate Cancer an diabetes can also be cured.

Levitra is not a permanent cure for Erectile Dysfunction but it's a best solution for it.

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