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Levitra can result an erection in 10 to 25 minutes. Results vary from person to person. A study has been done and it has been found that it is very much effective drug and has most hasty results for erectile dysfunction (ED). Nowadays this drug is considered as the most preferred solution for impotency.

Levitra is available from 2.5 mg to 20 mg and most of the doctors recommend 10 mg to the person suffering from the problem of ED and this dosage varies from person to person. Only one tablet should be taken in a day. As extra consumption of it may harm your health (mind & body) with lots of side effects. Therefore prescription of a physician or a doctor should always be followed for best result.

Levitra is taken atleast an hour before the intercourse and some kind of some sexual motivations are needed for an erection after taking this drug. It can be consumed or taken with or without having food. People who are taking more than one tablet in a day always face lots of different side effects like severe back pain, headache, vomiting, acidity etc. If you are not getting results from a single tablet then you need to discuss with your doctor before taking other drug or additional tablet of Levitra.

If a person who is consuming Levitra as a solution for ED and is getting an erection for more than 4 hours then he should visit to a doctor for the solution. This problem is known as priapism and should be treated at the earliest because it can damage the penis and results as the permanent inability for erection. Thus always seek advice and follow the prescription of a doctor for the use of this medicine.

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