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Erectile Dysfunction is an incapability to attain or hold erection long enough to complete sex or to reach orgasm. There are various reasons for Erectile Dysfunction i.e. Physical problem, stress, depression, blood pressure, unhealthy relation with the partner, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or high cholesterol etc. The solution for this major problem is present in market i.e. Levitra also known as sex in 16 minutes. It's a pill of 10 mg used prior of doing sex and it is effective for 4 hours. There are so many people who are using Levitra to get relief from this problem i.e. Erectile Dysfunction. And this pill has become part of their daily life.

Levitra is also known as "Vardenafil" in medical expression. It was launched in US market in August 2003. And it is very much in demand and reputed as a best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Levitra effectively works upto 24 hours.

Levitra is a new generation impotency drug which effectively cures the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction by treating main enzyme which are responsible for the organize of blood flow in penis.

Guanylate Cyclase - The spur which leads to erection causes the production and discharging the nitric oxide in Penis and activates the enzyme known as Guanylate Cyclase and also forces to create guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The Prime function and responsibility of cGMP is to increase or decrease the amount of blood vessels moving blood from and to the penis.

The main and prime function of Levitra is to obstruct an enzyme named PDE-5, because this is the main reason to demolish cGMP. If cGMP is fine then penis stays erected and harder.

Phosphediesterase type-5 [PDE-5] is the preponderate enzyme found in the erectile tissues of a person's penis. Levitra works as PDE-5 restrainer and block this enzyme and increase the erectile process.

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