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If any of the partners is not responding in such a way which is necessary to fulfill the requirement of each other for sexual need, then their relationship turns as unhealthy and full of stress & depression. This problem should be sorted out at the earliest to keep sexual lives healthy. Generally it has been noticed that if one of the partners (he or she) is not being satisfy by other partner then other always looks for options to find the solution.

Men normally face a problem called Erectile Dysfunction of Impotency and due to this problem men can't achieve the pleasure during intercourse with the partner and the person who is facing this problem becomes stressed and full of depression, tension. Erectile Dysfunction is a problem where penis does not erect in a way which is required for the insertion in vagina. Thanks to Medical science which have come up with solutions of this big problem like Viagra, Levitra etc.

Effective And Safe

Levitra is known as the best medicine for ED. This pill is very much effective and safe to take. It should be taken as per the prescription given by a doctor. Generally it is taken atleast 25 minutes before doing sexual activity. The effects of this pill remain for minimum 4 hours.

Levitra is available in 2.5 mg to 20 mg. and taken by as per the prescription. In case of facing any kind of side effects immediately contact the doctor. Normally this pill is very much safe to use and does not have any side effects or you may face side effects like headache, acidity, cold etc. which are very much curable and effective & very occasionally side effects are found.

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