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At present the problem of Erectile Dysfunction has become very common among men. There are so many causes for this crisis. Furnishing below some common reasons:


  • Spinal Injury;
  • Smoking;
  • Diabetes;
  • Abdominal Problem;
  • Over - Exercise;
  • Age Factor;
  • Any other physical injury.


a. Stress: It can be caused because of work pressure or, no proper rest, Overload of responsibilities etc. There are so many reasons for stress and this is considered as the major cause for Erectile Dysfunction.

b. Unhealthy Relationship With Partner: There are number of couples who are not having healthy relations and because of that they do not involve in any physical relationship or if they start doing so then can't complete the intercourse with pleasure.

c. Addiction of Drugs: If man starts addicted in taking drugs then he loses his senses very easily and is not able to perform during sexual process with his partner & consequently faces the problem of impotency.

There is various number of medicines/solutions available in market for this problem of ED. Medicines like Viagra, Cialis & Levitra are some famous names. The usage of any of these drugs should be as per the prescription of doctors or physician. All these pills are taken atleast 20 minutes prior doing sex and these drugs work for 4 to 6 hours.

There are so many drug centers (FDA approved) who are providing the medicine(s) to cure ED though internet called online availability. You just need to do some clicks to place an order for pill by sitting at your home, work place or any other location does not matter how far you are and medicine is delivered at your place within a very short period of time.

Thus people has found this process (buy online) comfortable, secure & reliable and they can maintain secrecy of their problem (ED).
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